About You…

The opposite of courage is not cowardice, it’s conformity.” (Jim Hightower)

You’re here because you crave something different…  What you seek, though, is more than just a change – you crave transformation

You’ve had enough! It’s beginning to take its toll on your health. Your relationships… You’re stressed. Overwhelmed. You’re done with the constant frustration. The paralysing helplessness, and the sleepless nights. The doubts and insecurities. You’ve had enough of your little voice telling you that “you’re not good enough” or that “you just don’t deserve it…

Do you wake each morning – directionless – dreading the rigours of the day ahead? Is your individuality drowning in a sea of conformity and mediocrity? The harsh reality is that you are not alone – according to statistics released by The Health and Safety Executive, 12.5 million working days were lost – in the UK – to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in the year 2016/17.

Something needs to change! If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. You need a different perspective, or, as Einstein says, “a different level of thinking.”

But you are different. Unique. Special. So why choose to live your life on other people’s terms? You know that you are destined for something greater.

What would it mean to you, to be living life on your terms? How would  it feel to wake each morning – reinvigorated with a passion, a purpose, and a keen sense of anticipation for the day ahead?

How does it feel to know that today you are going to be making a difference, and that you are living the life that you were always destined to live? How does it feel to radiate energy, confidence and vitality?

Change is inevitable – personal growth is a choice.” (Bob Proctor.) Do you settle, or do you choose growth? You have a decision to make, and, as Tony Robbins says, “it is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” You can choose to reinforce your excuses, or you can make a decision, and start NOW, to take action towards the life of your dreams.

Make a decision. Shape your destiny. Cut through your excuses and design your new life.

Or don’t – the choice is yours…

Be warned, success doesn’t come easy. My clients have worked hard to achieve their extraordinary results, and if you seek to replicate their successes, then you will have to do the same. If you’re looking for “an easy fix,” then may I suggest that you  look elsewhere. If you are committed to your personal growth, then you’re in the right place. I would love to work with you. Click HERE to schedule your complimentary breakthrough session.

Do you feel overwhelmed?

  • “Colin’s coaching made me realise that my goals were not as difficult as I had originally believed. By breaking them down in to realistic steps, the actions required to achieve my goal became more manageable.”
  • I feel like I can now identify my problem areas, whereas before it was all too messy to see. I feel more positive, organised and in control.”
  • When I contacted Colin I was having serious problems in my life, my work was causing me a great deal of stress and I felt helpless in being able to tackle the situation. The transformation even at this early stage has been dramatic , I am a far more confident and decisive person , I am more aware of my surroundings and how I can control my emotions in difficult situations. I have a new enthusiasm for life and credit must go to Colin for helping that transformation to happen.

Do you suffer from a lack of confidence, energy, or motivation?

  • “I now feel more focused. My confidence has ascended since I started the coaching, thanks to Colin, and I feel happy and in control with my new found confidence. I now believe in myself. I feel strong enough to accomplish my goal I had only dreamt about.
  • “I have never met a more positive person. Colin literally bounces with energy!”
  • Every session has left me enthused and energised. Colin has such a great positive mental attitude that rubs off on you, so you can’t help but feel positive and motivated by the end of each session.”

Are you “stuck”?

  • “Colin was amazing. He helped me to put my life on track. My life was a mess and he gave me clear goals and helped me to go through, I am very thankful to him for that.”
  • I met Colin when I was feeling stuck and unable to see a way to change my life.  He has helped me to identify my desired outcomes and I am now working successfully – with his support – towards my goals. 

Do you seek clarity?

  • “(Colin) encouraged me to see things with a different perspective, and helped me to get things in to perspective.”
  • “My life was a mess and he gave me clear goals and helped me to go through…”

Does your “inner voice” tell you that you’re not good enough?

  • “One of the best things about Colin’s style is that he genuinely cares about me as an individual, which made it easier for me to open up and explore my limiting beliefs.”
  • “His positivity and kindness has led me to open up, and challenge my fears and concerns.”
  • “(Colin) was easy to be open and honest with. He was very supportive, but also challenged me when I needed challenging.”

Do you crave “more“…

  • “(Colin) definitely is an amazing coach with a gift to empower people and help them to fulfil their dreams.”
  • “(Colin) inspired me to think differently and encouraged me to make the difference that I wanted to make.”
  • “I now believe in myself, I feel strong enough to accomplish my goal I had only dreamt about.”
  • “It has been an amazing journey…”

You are truly unique. Schedule your complimentary breakthrough session, and together, let’s unleash your potential…

I look forward to hearing from you soon…