I don’t think I really believed that I would be living the lifestyle I dreamt of, but the truth is that I am!

With Colin’s support and positivity I now believe that I really can have what I want! I can’t thank Colin enough for the changes he’s helped me to make in my life.”

Kate (Bushey, UK)

“Working with Colin has been a revelation for me.

When I contacted Colin I was having serious problems in my life, my work was causing me a great deal of stress and I felt helpless in being able to tackle the situation.

The transformation has been dramatic, I am a far more confident and decisive person, I am more aware of my surroundings and how I can control my emotions in difficult situations.

Working with Colin is very comfortable, it is just like sitting down with an old friend, you feel totally at ease even though you discuss personal details about your emotions and how you interact with other people either at work or outside work.

I have a new enthusiasm for life and credit must go to Colin for helping that transformation to happen.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Colin to anyone who is ready for change.”

Gareth (Greater London)

I met Colin when I was feeling stuck and unable to see a way to change my life.  He has helped me to identify my desired outcomes and I am now working successfully towards my goals. 

He is genuine and sincere, with extensive life experience which makes him able to relate to others on many levels. His range of knowledge enables him to use a variety of techniques to make me question my thought processes and provoke a different perspective. 

Colin’s enthusiastic encouragement has enabled me to remain positive, and to maintain a strong sense of purpose.”

Lynda (Greater London)

Colin is an inspiration to me. He can – with his enthusiasm and charisma – build a good rapport without any effort. Colin was amazing. He helped me to put my life on track. My life was a mess and he gave me clear goals and helped me to go through, I am very thankful to him for that. I left every single session with goals, and the right mindset to go and fulfill them.”

“He definitely is an amazing coach with a gift to empower people and help them to fulfill their dreams.”

Fernando (Sao Paolo, Brazil)

“Colin is a versatile and intuitive coach. He allows you to absorb his coaching at your own pace and is always readily available to support and clarify as you go through your journey of self discovery and improvement. I would definitely recommend Colin to anyone looking to move towards their greatness.”

Andre (Greater London)

“Colin has given me significant help in achieving my goals that I was experiencing difficulty with. He encouraged me to see things with a different perspective, and helped me to get things in to perspective. He was easy to be open and honest with. He was very supportive, but also challenged me when I needed challenging.

His coaching made me realise that my goals were not as difficult as I had originally believed. By breaking them down in to realistic steps, the actions required to achieve my goal became more manageable. Having someone else as a sounding board and questioning me, made me draw on strengths that I had forgotten that I had, and encouraged me to be more creative with my ideas and actions.

Every session has left me enthused and energised. Colin has such a great positive mental attitude that rubs off on you, so you can’t help but feel positive and motivated by the end of each session.

Kay (Merseyside, UK)

“There are certain people that you definitely need to meet, people that make you a better person. Colin is one of them! I learned to enjoy each second of my day, I’m more confident, I know more about myself. I couldn’t have been able to do that by myself!” 

Ramona (Greater London)

“I have never met a more positive person. Colin literally bounces with energy!”

Claire (Stanmore, UK)

“Things are beginning to change massively for me! This quick! My anxiety is more or less gone! Thank you Colin!”

Sandip (Greater London)

Coaching with Colin has helped me to be aware of what is happening around me, my perceptions and reactions. Colin has been enjoyable and a breath of fresh air. His positivity and kindness has led me to open up, and challenge my fears and concerns. I felt excited because, not only is it like having a friend to talk to (about yourself!) it’s also amazing – one change has led to another. Thank you so much for helping me take my first step, I can see the change.

It has been an amazing journey. My life felt like what I can only describe as messy. I can see my dream destination, and what I need to do to get there, I know the steps to reach my goals. I feel like I can now identify my problem areas, whereas before it was all too messy to see. I feel more positive, organised and in control.

Chamarel (Trinidad and Tobago)

I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Colin. Right from the beginning I found him to be very encouraging, and easy to talk to. One of the best things about Colin’s style is that he genuinely cares about me as an individual, which made it easier for me to open up and explore my limiting beliefs. He inspired me to think differently and encouraged me to make the difference that I wanted to make. He picked up on wording I used, or a hesitation in my voice, and challenged me – where necessary – in a positive way. Colin is really friendly and energises you. I would recommend Colin as a coach to anyone.”

Louise (Weston-Super-Mare, UK)

I enjoyed being coached by Colin as he challenged me to do things. He moved me out of my comfort zone to do things quicker, thereby moving me closer to my goal. I appreciated his fast pace as well as his sense of humour. Colin’s energy boosted my motivation. I have benefited from my sessions with Colin, and would be happy to return for more coaching at a later stage.

Karin (Middlesbrough, UK)

I now feel more focused. My confidence has ascended since I started the coaching sessions, thanks to Colin, and I feel happy and in control with my new found confidence. I now believe in myself, I feel strong enough to accomplish my goal I had only dreamt about. Thank you.

Anna (Norwich, UK)